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All You Need To Know about Overdyed Rugs

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In recent years, a new trend has been emerging in the rug industry that has seen older rugs being given a make-over to complement the modern home. While the patterns and colors of traditional rugs remain an exquisite insight into regional craftsmanship of Anatolia and Asia, many find that their time-honored styles do not fit into the interior designs of contemporary living. This is why overdyed rugs have become so popular in Europe– not only do they give a new lease of life to an aged carpet, but they add a vibrant splash of color into our lives, while still exuding the timeless class of an original handcrafted piece of art.


Why choose an overdyed rug?

Overdyed rugs are also known as distressed rugs, and represent a trend that has achieved a crossover between fashion and home décor. People don’t just want their jeans to look ‘lived in,’ but they want their rugs to look ‘lived on’. This new look celebrates textiles that are faded, worn, and softened over time; rugs that nestle into homes as if they’ve always been there.

Although the method has grown popular around the world, this inspired device was first developed in Turkey, and it is from here that you find the best overdyed works, created using authentic handmade vintage and antique rugs. Perhaps it is because re-using and re-purposing is nothing new in Turkey, where household items are fixed up rather than thrown out, and over-dyeing is a continuation of this.


What are the benefits of an overdyed rug?

With an overdyed rug, you are not only purchasing an on-trend item, but you’re also contributing to a sustainable practice. Over-dyeing is usually carried out on rugs that are faded, worn, or just unloved. This recycling helps to preserve these preciouse traditional items for future generations, acknowledging the skill and care taken to create them in the first place. 


How are overdyed rugs made?

The over-dyeing process is carried out on rugs that are either vintage (which in rug terms means produced between the 1920s and 1970s) or antique (anything before then). Depending on the desired look, the aging process may be accelerated using a number of methods. Some rugs are first sheared, to even out the pile and to help to ‘distress’ them. They then undergo a series of processes to neutralize and remove the color. These include a mixture of chemical washes and natural sun bleaching. These processes don’t remove the pattern, but simply reduce it to an outline, creating a foundation ready to be re-imagined.
The carpets are then dyed in one color, a stage that can be repeated several times to reach the desired saturation level and hue – and for a more distressed look, a paler color is the aim. The dye can also be targeted at the lighter background shades, to create a multi-tonal rug, or result in a block color throughout. The rugs are then laundered to set the color (will will last for many many years), before being dried. Most overdyed rugs will display a number of different shades, which brings a certain vitality back to the rug, and is a result of the uneven surfaces, and original pattern.


What about patchwork overdyed rugs?

Patchwork overdyed rugs are made from a number of different rug fragments that have been cut into smaller shapes and hand-sewn together using a sturdy yarn. All our patchwork rugs are then backed with cotton cloth, which acts as reinforcement. They may be made from bold contrasting colors, or from variant shades of the same tone. Each fragment has a different history, and a different story to tell, and one rug may showcase a whole variety of different patterns and weaving techniques, belying its complex history and making every patchwork rug truly unique.
See our collection of . If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we can also produce custom over-dyed patchwork rugs in any size and color combination. Or we can combine or resize any of our existing kilim patchwork rugs to suit your needs.


What is the best way to design with overdyed rugs?

Consider each overdyed rug as a unique work of contemporary art, which can truly enhance any type of interior design. If used in a minimalist environment with neutral colors, they act as an explosion of color, a centerpiece that at once stands and brings together its surroundings. However, they can also be used in a colorful room, by carefully choosing a rug in a color that sets off the tones of the décor and furnishings. In this context, it can be part of a design that envelops you in a warming feeling, touched with a hint of the Orient. However you choose to use your overdyed rug, you can be sure that it will become a beloved part of your home for many years to come.



They sometimes further distress them using tools to make them more interesting, then they use natural vegetable dyes to get the deep pigment.


A vividly-colored overdyed rug can become the perfect focal point for a simple room defined by neutral colors. Consider adding one to the bedroom as a splash of color.

An overdyed rug can stand out without being disturbing. The color can be bold but also soothing such as thisbeautiful shade of blue. It evenly covers the floor and complements the other dark accents in the room.

Any room can make good use of an overdyed rug, even the bathroom. In here, the vintage rug will add a warm and welcoming touch to the décor and the color you choose can suit the style present in the space.

Match the color on your overdyed rug to other elements in the room such as the accent pillows on the living room sofa. Orange and gray seems like a really great combo in this case.

You can use this ingenious technique to revive the colors on an old Oriental rug or to even change its design and chromatic palette completely.


Patchwork overdyed rugs are always unique. That’s because each little portion comes from a different rug with a different story. Together they form a new piece ready to inspire new memories.

A rug like this one,  has a lot of character. It’s a great way to personalize a simple space with no other interesting focal points.In the case of a patchwork design, each portion looks slightly different. Even though the color is the same on all of them, there are still slight differences.

An even more interesting possibility is to have a patchwork overdyed rug that combined several similar but different colors. The idea here is to emphasize the unique construction of the rug instead of hiding it behind a single color.


When you purchase an overdyed rug, sometimes, custom colors and sized can be created so you can make sure your new accessory perfectly matches the existing décor.

Pick a color that complements the rest of the space’s décor, like this shade of pink is subtly reflected into the color of the kitchen island. In addition, the pink sets a nice balance in combination with the cool tones used around it.

If you decide to add an overdyed rug to your home’s décor, you should first check and see how it would look like in the desired setting. Imagine how the rug will interact with the rest of the elements in the room.

Although using a really bright and vivid color is a popular option, not all voerdyed rugs are like that. Let’s say you have a vintage Oriental rug but all the colors on it don’t blend in well with your neutral and modern décor. Perhaps a gray layer of color could solve the problem.

This technique allows vintage rugs to be successfully integrated in modern and contemporary decors. This way memories and heirlooms can stay a part of the décor a while longer.


The rug, the accent pillows on the L shaped sofa and the framed artwork on the wall all work together to create a unique color palette. They also all feature their own unique patterns.

When decorating a room, you can start with a rug. This is a good suggestion especially when you have a rug with an eye-catching design or color such as an overdyed one. Everything else in the room can be based on this piece.

The gold yellow color on this vintage rug is a really charming accent for this spacious living room. It’s a color that stands out and looks cheerful but, at the same time, blends in easily given the rest of the accents in the room.

Use two or more overdyed rugs and create your own patchwork design. They can each have a different shape, size and color so they stand out as individual pieces.

In case you decide to give the old Persian rug a makeover yourself, try to get a uniform color on all its surface. Also, let the rug dry completely in order to let the color set..

Use a small overdyed rug to accentuate a certain portion of the room like a seating nook, a dining area or a work space. This works out great in open floor plans.

This overdyed antique rug may not look like much but it’s actually the most interesting piece in the room. Its colors and texture are excellent details that balance out the rest of the features in the room.

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