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Ebarza Opens New Flagship Showroom in Yas Mall to Expand Regional Presence and Leadership

June 27, 2022 3 min read 0 Comments

Abu Dhabi, June 15, 2022: Ebarza, the leading brand of luxury furnishings and home décor, announced the opening of its new 30,000 sq. ft. showroom in Yas Mall. The brand-new showroom includes a wide range of luxurious contemporary furnishings and furniture. In addition to everything the home needs, the store houses a wide variety of carpets, lighting, art pieces, garden furniture, household supplies, home decor pieces, curtains and many more.
Ebarza opens its new showroom in Yas Mall

With the opening of this new branch in Yas Mall, Ebarza continues its commitment to be a unique destination that provides a personalized and unique experience for all, providing interior design services under the supervision of a professional team of interior design experts. The brand offers customers the opportunity to schedule a private consultation, to help customers design the perfect interiors for their homes using modern design standards. From the initial discussions to the last step of the execution - Ebarza’s team of specialists oversee and deliver every step of the way

Speaking about the new launch, Maana Abu Daqqa, founder and CEO of Ebarza, said: “The opening of the new showroom is part of our strategy to enhance our presence and spread in the local market, and our commitment to keep pace with the wise directions of the UAE government, which aims to establish the region as a unique destination. For specialists, craftsmen and those interested in following the latest trends in the fashion sector, in which furniture and decoration have become a mainstay.”

"ebarza" Strengthens Its Leadership in the World of Furniture and Decoration
Abu Daqqa pointed to the correlation between the growing size of the market and the construction boom that the country is witnessing. He envisioned the next few years of development in the capital to welcome world-class infrastructure, including train stations, ports and logistic capabilities. capable of attracting more investments. He also foresees major international companies setting up headquarters in the capital owing to the ease of business in the country.

He added: "Ebarza has been the first to enter the world of E-commerce since 2014, where we have developed a comprehensive online store that makes shopping easier and more enjoyable. We also launched our app, to make the shopping experience easier and more enjoyable. Shopping is more flexible, easier and faster than ever before.”
The new showroom in Yas Mall will allow for easier, more innovation led shopping. Visitors can make use of a smart application with a barcode reader on the product and each visitor to the showroom can use their smartphone to scan it to obtain all the information about the product. Information includes product dimensions, to the type of material used, and the available color options.
Ebarza have also distributed a set of smart screens in the hall sections, to make it easier for all users to obtain the necessary information about their products.
As for future prospects, Abu Daqqa added that the Ebarza Group is preparing to open their largest showroom in Khalifa Industrial City (KIZAD) by the end of this year. It would be the first consumer-led initiative in the area, that currently hosts industrial buildings, transport and logistics providersز
Customers can visit the new showroom at Yas Mall or shop Ebarza’s catalog online at
About Ebarza
Ebarza is not just another furniture store. We have worked with interior design for more than 15 years, and we have a strong set of beliefs that run through everything we do. We live in a world where we often have to choose. Between expensive, elitist design and cheap, common furniture. At ebarza, we love to create furniture that combines the feeling of luxury in the quality, in the design, in the material, and at a fair and affordable price.
Ebarza is all about making the space come together. So that customer can enjoy the harmony of an interior look that will last for years.
Ebarza is an umbrella for the Most famous classic mid-century designs. Designers will not need seeking different suppliers to create their desired atmosphere.  We offer an impressive and extensive range of furniture, lightings, rugs and decorations. That means there’s something to suit every décor.
 Source : Albayan News