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EFES classic armchair[Mother armchair] EFES002

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What makes space relaxing? Soothing? Calm? Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt chill? Today we explore interior design solutions for creating a relaxing interior. Color therapy has been practiced in traditional healing professions for many years, but marketers and businesses more recently have also used color to shift human moods. Once we learn a bit about the attributes of each color, we can use that information to promote the atmosphere we want in the different rooms of our homes. This sofa Combines different Tropical Colors and materials from cotton fabric to high-quality Velvet as shown, Powder-coated steel base, Natural Ashwood platform, and Some colorful pillows.

for the treatment of stress and fatigue during the day, This Lounge chair is strongly recommended.


    As Photo





    Frame made of polyurethane 

    Covered with finest cotton fabric and velvet