3+3+1+1 Fit Sofabed set FIT001S

What makes a space relaxing? Soothing? Calm? Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt chill? Today we explore interior design solutions for creating a relaxing interior.  Color therapy has been practiced in traditional healing professions for many years, but marketers and businesses more recently have also used color to shift human moods.Once we learn a bit about the attributes of each color, we can use that information to promote the atmosphere we want in the different rooms of our homes. 



    as the photo 


    2x three seat  sofabed  232x110 cm

    2x single seat  armchair 83X100 cm



    covered with finest Cotton Fabric

    High density polyurethane foam

    Frame and base made of  natural Solid  wood 



    3 to 7 days 


     Kindly note that the 3 seat sofa has a total length of 232 cm. check the measurements of your service lift before placing the order. 


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