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Goat Skull Handcrafted metal and wood Art Painting 100X100 cm SOAP026


This is an exquisite museum-quality handmade metal painting - created by our experienced artist and completed to perfection. Metal pieces are hand-cut into small different shapes by the artist then welded to a Metal art frame with wooden background. Once it is welded they are hand-painted by acrylic.

 All of our Metal Art is handcrafted and individually finished to a high standard. 

Because they are all hand finished there can be slight variations with each one making them one offs and unique


Quality Museum Quality - 100% Handcrafted and hand-painted
Size 100X100  cm
Surface Wood, Newspaper, Screws, Acrylic Colors& Iron



Note: As each painting is handcrafted, the pattern within each painting is unique. customers should expect slight differences from the website displayed photo.