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Dinosaurs Fossil Hand Crafted Art Unframed Painting - Soap022

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This is an exquisite museum-quality handmade metal painting - created by our experienced artist and completed to perfection. Metal pieces are hand-cut into small different shapes by the artist then welded to Metal art frame to give. Once it is welded they are hand-painted by acrylic.

 All of our Metal Art is handcrafted and individually finished to a high standard. 

Because they are all hand finished there can be slight variations with each one making them one offs and unique


Quality Museum Quality - 100% Handcrafted and hand-painted
Size 100X100 cm
Surface Acrylic Colors, Lime, Eco-Friendly Plastic Glue



Note: As each painting is handcrafted, the pattern within each painting is unique. customers should expect  slight differences from the website displayed photo. 

As each painting is handcrafted, the pattern within each painting is unique. customers should expect slight differences from the website displayed photo.