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Karaca Future Granite Grill And Toaster Cream 1800W

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We are excited to announce our joint-venture with Karaca Home , with over 500 stores in turkey and 15 European countries including (Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Austria and Netherlands ), Karaca is the turkey's largest manufacturer for high quality textile products, homeware and home accessories since 1973.



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Karaca Future Granit Toaster is actually much more than a toaster… This product, which you can prepare many different types of toast with delicious taste, can also be used as an electric grill. It is extremely useful with its 180-degree opening lids, non-flammable, non-stick feature, removable and machine-cleanable plates, and heat setting feature. Thanks to its special technology, it ensures that every part of the grill is at equal temperature. Thanks to the heat-resistant plastics on the handles of the covers, unwanted accidents do not occur during use. You can fix the Future Granite Toaster, which has the feature of heating every area on the grill equally, to any place in an upright position by closing it when you are not using it. So you save space.

Karaca Future Granite Grill and Toaster Cream 1800W

Unique Granite Coating

  • The unique granite coating system consisting of 3 layers meets all requirements professionally.
  • It maintains its non-stick performance for a long time.
  • It is scratch resistant.

Adjustable Body

  • You can cook your egg rolls, thick sandwiches, bechamel sauce gratins and many other things to the exact consistency you want thanks to the oven effect.
  • Grilling Enjoyment with 180 Degree Opening Plates
  • You can turn your toaster into a grill with one move.

Adjustable Temperature

  • You can adjust the temperature setting of your toaster according to the food you want to make.
  • For example; you can reduce energy consumption thanks to the low temperature you only want to heat

Size:  36 x 36 x 13 cm

Product Technical Specifications

  • 220-240 V 50/60 Hz 1800 W power
  • Possibility to use as toast and grill
  • 180 degree opening body
  •  Non-stick and washable granite plates
  •  Reaching the desired temperature in a short time with the heat adjustment button
  •  High security with short circuit protection
  •  Clean use thanks to the oil channel
  •  Possibility to make 4 toasts at once
  •  Safe use thanks to heat-resistant plastics
  •  It occupies less space thanks to the ability to stand in an upright position.
  •  Equal frying of all areas with Quick grill technology
  •  Granite slabs are guaranteed for 5 years

Approximate Plate Size: 29x22 cm