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24 pieces Kyoto 6 Person Dinner Set

We are excited to announce our Joint-venture with Karaca Home, with over 500 stores in Turkey and 15 European countries including (Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, and the Netherlands), Karaca is Turkey's largest manufacturer for high-quality textile products and home accessories since 1973.




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    "The most remarkable parts of the dining tables are undoubtedly the service sets. Each of these pieces, consisting of plates, bowls, and glasses, directly affects the overall table layout. Karaca Kyoto 6-Person Dinner Set adds mobility to the dining tables with its colorful patterns and round design ...

    Karaca Kyoto 24-Piece Dinner Set, which attracts attention with its colors and patterns at first glance, is made of porcelain material.The outer circles of the circular designed plates are divided into two or three pieces and different patterns are processed with different colors for each piece. It can be used in accordance with the table service pieces in the colors of the patterns on it. You can reach the Cutlery Sets in the related category and examine them closely. ""
    Karaca Kyoto 6 Person Dinner Set

    Set Content

    6 Pieces Service Plate

    6 Pieces Deep Plate

    6 Pieces Cake Plate

    6 Bowls

    Material: Porcelain





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