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Karaca Kobe PowerSteel 316 Steel 8 Piece Cookware Set


We  are excited to announce our joint-venture with Karaca Home , with over 500 stores in turkey and 15 European countries including (Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Austria and Netherlands ) , Karaca is the turkey's  largest manufacturer for high quality  textile products, homeware and home accessories  since 1973. 




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    "Karaca Zeyna 8-Piece Cookware Set Gold's brightness is dazzling ... Its outer surface is bright steel color and it maintains this brightness for a long time. The handles and the cover holdings are golden. It carries the perfect harmony of silver and gold color. It provides practicality to control the water of the food during cooking.It is healthy and easy to clean.It is a set consisting of 4 pots and lids of different sizes that can be used for cooking all kinds of food. If you want to examine the porcelain sets to serve your prepared dishes,

    Karaca Zeyna 8 Piece Steel Cookware Set Gold

    It is suitable for use in all furnaces, including induction.

    1 20 cm deep pot

    1 22 cm deep pot

    1 24 cm deep pot

    1 26 cm deep saucepan


    Stainless steel