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450X300 Cm Delton Handmade Wool Rug Delton Dtn-11-Grande

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Here is a beautiful, traditionally woven vintage carpet – , resplendent with the traditional composition that makes these rugs so desirable. Decades after being woven, mid-century carpets such as this comely vintage rug are prized for their uniquely abstract and minimalistic qualities, qualities that make such pieces especially well suited to mid-century modern interiors. Highly versatile, however, rugs such as this have a remarkable tendency to highlight the finest qualities in any style space. beautifully composed in the height of mid-century style, this vintage rug is an excellent example.

Color  RAVEN
Size 450X300 cm 
Material 50% Wool 50% Viscose 



(As each rug is handcrafted and unique, the pattern within each rug is unique. No two rugs are the same).