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Karaca White Soap Room And Laundry Perfume 300 Ml

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We are excited to announce our joint-venture with Karaca Home , with over 500 stores in turkey and 15 European countries including (Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Austria and Netherlands ) , Karaca is the turkey's largest manufacturer for high quality textile products, homeware and home accessories since 1973.



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    A unique blend that you must try; It softens the clean and sharp smell of White Soap with Apple, Lemon, and Lavender Flowers and provides a transition to heart notes. Mask, which is a complement to the fresh Pine and Cedar Trees in the bottom notes, perfectly complements this very special and lasting fragrance.

    Karaca White Soap Room and Laundry Perfume 300 ml


    • Top Notes: Lemon, Apple, Lavender.  
    • Heart Notes : Soap Notes, Rose, Orange Blossom. 
    • Base Notes: Pine, Cedarwood, Mask.

    Volume:  300ml

    Suggestion for Use: You can use it to change the air of your room and make it smell better. Open the safety cap of the bottle to spray. Spray at least 3 times for the first use. Hold the spray bottle upright and squeeze firmly after each use.

    Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol (Cas no: 64-17-5), Water, Fragrance; Hydrogenated Castor Oil (Cas no: 8001-78-3), Geraniol (Cas: 106-24-1), D-Limonene (Cas: 5989-27-5), Citronellol (Cas: 106-22-9), Hexyl Cinnamal (Cas: 101-86-0), Benzyl Benzoate (Cas: 120-51-4), Citral (Cas: 5392-40-5), Eugenol (Cas: 97-53-0), Linalool (Cas: 78) -70-6), Coumarine (Cas: 91-64-5), Benzyl Alcohol (Cas: 100-51-6).

    KARACA Amber Blossom / Room and Laundry Spray Production Features

    Karaca White Soap Room and Laundry Spray; The soap notes are a harmonious blend of Apple, Lemon, and Lavender. The powerful nuances of the mask, the long-term enormous spread of the special essence that makes you feel the calming effects of Pine and Cedar Trees deeply will make the product indispensable for you. You should definitely try this exquisite fragrance, each stage of which has been carefully designed.

    By using 1st Class Ethanol in the product, the essence quality has been maximized and a tremendous balance has been achieved at the level of fragrance performance targeted by the users.

    Size 300 ml