Handpainted Art Painting with frame 105X105 SOAP063-X

painting - 1,000 د.إ to 1,500 د.إ, ALL DECOR Collection

This is an exquisite museum-quality handmade painting - created by our experienced artist, and completed to perfection. Artist has paid special attention to the detailing, which is evident on every brush stroke of the painting. It has a fine texture that adds to its visually appeal.  This is a 100% handmade painting, and not a print or canvas transfer.


Quality: Museum Quality - 100% Handpainted
Size: 105X105 cm 
Medium: Oil , Acrylic Colors, and Gold Leaves 
Surface: Canvas
Frame: wooden in black color 
Note: As each painting is handcrafted , the pattern within each painting  is unique. customers should expect  slight differences from the website displayed photo.