Solid Wood and Cord Lounge Chair WS-016


This expertly hand crafted  Chair replica is made from solid timber. Our replica chair is constructed from solid ash wood with a natural cord seat. 

The design of the back of the chair was based around the shape of a peacock’s splayed tail feathers. This chair is remarkably comfortable with an ergonomic design. The flat part of the sticks, which gives it its peacock-like appearance, are placed where the shoulder-blades meet the chair’s back. 

This organic wooden chair is a comfortable lounge chair that will suit a quiet corner of the study, or as a reading chair in the bedroom or as a feature piece in the lounge room. The comfort and elegance of this classic will ensure the chair becomes the favorite resting chair in your home.




natural wood and natural cord


68.5 X 78 X 107 cm 


solid ash wood and natural cord