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Edessa Wall Unit Right Bookshelf Block Edsa-Wall100L

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EDESSA’s journey begins with naturalness. All the materials used were specially produced to be free from artificiality and in harmony with each other. The glass materials used in EDESSA were specially produced with the fusion technique. The process, which is made after the transparent and colored glass is cut into the desired form when cold, is placed according to the specified shape, and cooked at 750-900 degrees in ovens special for glass, is called “glass fusion”. The fusion technique is completely handcrafted. So one of the objects is similar to the other, but never the same.

This technique is one of the oldest glass techniques in human history and was used in ancient Egypt 4500-5000 years ago. In the same period, this technique was used in Anatolia. It is possible to see these works especially in Konya Karatay Madrasa Museum and Ankara Art Museum. 

The real stone texture, specially prepared for the EDESSA Series, is one of the elements that highlights the identity of the product. The marble used in EDESSA has been one of the rare stones with antibacterial properties, high durability and used in historical textures and special works in the past. One of the reasons why we prefer this stone is that it is one of the rare stones that carry the traces of past history. 

We give every geometric shape we design the opportunity to express itself in the best way by using the most suitable materials. With the natural materials used, we create a natural and impressive series that can communicate with its surroundings.

Note: Only One Module 100 CM  


Walnut Color.


Length: 100cm, Depth: 50 cm, Height: 195 cm.


walnut wood veneer and MDF

Note Only One Module 100 CM