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Karaca Bade Set of 2 Cutting Board

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We are excited to announce our joint-venture with Karaca Home , with over 500 stores in turkey and 15 European countries including (Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Austria and Netherlands ) , Karaca is the turkey's largest manufacturer for high quality textile products, homeware and home accessories since 1973.



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    Karaca Bade Cutting Board for 2

    • Large Size 33x24x0.9    
    • Small Size 28x20x0.9

    Material : Bamboo

    Karaca Bade Cutting Board for 2

    Karaca Bade 2-piece cutting board is a practical and useful kitchen utensil that you can use for cutting and chopping in the kitchen. Available in two sizes, the cutting boards allow you to easily cut and prepare materials of different sizes.

    Karaca Bade 2 Piece Cutting Board Features

    Bade 2-piece cutting board includes large and small options. It allows you to easily cut materials of different sizes. Cutting boards are produced from natural wood material. Long-lasting Karaca cutting boardThe surface is not easily scratched. The design of the Karaca Bade 2-piece cutting board is useful. Cutting boards can be easily carried and used easily thanks to the handles on the sides. Cutting boards are produced from hygienic material. Wood material has natural antibacterial properties. Karaca Bade 2-piece cutting board can be easily cleaned. You can easily clean it by washing it gently with warm water and a delicate dish soap. You can then dry it with a towel or cloth to dry. Cutting boards can be used on both sides. You can use both sides for a longer period of time. Karaca Bade 2-piece cutting board increases elegance and aesthetics in the kitchen with its stylish design.

    How to Use Karaca Bade 2 Piece Cutting Board?

    Karaca Bade 2-piece cutting board is very easy to use. You can place the boards on a flat surface and clean the dust on them. You can prepare your materials and start the cutting process. You need to cut and prepare the materials by holding the board firmly while cutting. You can use warm water and soap to clean it.

    Advantages of Karaca Bade 2-Piece Cutting Board

    Karaca Bade 2-piece cutting board is offered in two different sizes. You can cut different amounts of food thanks to the size advantage. Karaca cutting board promises a long life thanks to the fact that it is produced from natural wood material. The surface of the model is not easily scratched. You can chop all different types of food groups using the product model. Karaca Bade, which makes a significant contribution to the kitchen decoration, offers a different touch with a 2-piece cutting board. You can cut and present cheese by using the Karaca double cutting board model from the breakfast table preparation . The product, produced under the guarantee of the Karaca brand, is appreciated with its durability and elegance.

    Karaca Bade 2 Piece Cutting Board Prices

    Karaca Bade 2-piece cutting board is a frequently preferred product in the kitchen with its quality wooden material and useful design. The price of the Karaca cutting board set is generally determined by factors such as the quality of the brand, material quality, dimensions and design. Karaca Bade 2-piece cutting board price range is at affordable levels. The price range may also vary according to the campaigns. Karaca Bade 2-piece cutting board is a frequently preferred product in the kitchen with its quality materials and useful design.

    Karaca Bade 2 Piece Cutting Board Reviews

    Karaca Bade 2-piece cutting board is preferred by many users because it is a product that is frequently used in the kitchen. The comments made about Bade bamboo cutting board can guide you to learn what you do not know about the product. Karaca Bade receives positive comments from those who use the 2-piece cutting board. Users state that the natural wood material of the product is of high quality and its surface is not easily scratched. It is frequently reflected in the comments that the product can be used easily thanks to its useful design and that it is advantageous to use it on both sides. Karaca Bade 2-piece cutting board is a product that is positively interpreted by users. bamboo cutting board setoffers some advantages according to expectations and needs. It may be helpful to consider user reviews before purchasing this useful product.