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Karaca Wild Rose Barbed Room and Ambient Fragrance

We are excited to announce our joint-venture with Karaca Home, with over 500 stores in turkey and 15 European countries including (Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, and the Netherlands ), Karaca is turkey's largest manufacturer for high-quality textile products, homeware, and home accessories since 1973.



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    Accompanying the top notes, which create the exquisite spread of Roe Wild Rose Barred Ambient Fragrance, the Citrus Family opens with Lemon. Herbal notes mingle with the sharp scent of lemon and dance harmoniously in the environment. Down to the middle notes, the sharp scent of White and Wild Roses kicks in and blends in with the magnificent breezes emanating from the delicate Mimosa trees, catching the legendary harmony. While the fruity touches that fill the refreshing effect of the pine trees and the Mask footnotes are completed, the delicious scent of Wild Rose that attracts everyone is thus completed.

    Karaca Wild Rose Sticky Room and Ambient Fragrance

    Fragrance Notes

    Top Notes: Citrus, Lemon, Herbal Notes, Green Leaves.  
    Middle Notes: Floral Notes, Mimosa, Pink and White Roses, Orris.  
    Base Notes : Pine, Wood, Fruity Notes, Mask.

    Volume:  160ml

    Suggestion for Use: Presentation was made with a decorative glass bottle and a spare bottle. Open the cap of the spare bottle, carefully pour the desired amount into the decorative glass bottle and insert the sticks into the bottle. As the product decreases, you can add it to the bottle. 12 hours is enough for the sticks to completely absorb the fragrance. By turning the dried sticks upside down, you can make the scent spread better. Please do not burn the sticks. When turning the sticks upside down, be careful that the liquid does not get on the wooden surfaces. The odor evaporates and spreads to the environment. Do not use by burning candles and incense. Protect from sunlight and store in a cool place.

    Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol; (Cas 64-17-5), Fragrance, Propylene Glycol (Cas: 57-55-6),
    Geraniol (Cas No: 106-24-1), Hexyl Cinnamal (Cas No: 101-86-0), Citral ( Cas No: 5392-40-5), Linalool (Cas No: 78-70-6), Butylphenyl Methylpropional (Cas No: 80-54-6), Benzyl Alcohol (Cas No: 100-51-6), Limonene ( Cas No: 5989-27-5), Benzyl Benzoate (Cas No: 120-51-4).

    KARACA Wild Rose / Ambient Scent with Stick Production Features
    Karaca Wild Rose / Ambient Scent with Bamboo Stick; It will be the first choice of those who like rose breezes, fresh and lasting 
    fragrances. The perfect harmony of the specially designed perfume essence, in which different varieties of roses are harmoniously blended, 
    and the exquisite fragrance emanating, 
    are very important elements that make the product indispensable. 

    By using 1st Class Ethanol in the product, the essence quality has been maximized and a very good balance has been achieved in the level of fragrance performance targeted by the users.
    The high rate of spreading of the wild rose to the environment is the most important feature that distinguishes the product from its counterparts.

    Fiber rods, which are used as an auxiliary factor in spreading the smell to the environment, keep the wetness for a long time, making it easier for the product to emit odor in the environment at all times. Since the fiber structure of the sticks is not very suitable for drying, the process of inverting the sticks can be done very rarely, so the spread of the smell can be easily achieved.